Tax Delinquencies

As part of the Kansas Department of Revenue's ongoing collection efforts, the department publishes the names of individuals
and businesses that have been identified as having large unresolved tax debts. Our goal is to encourage taxpayers to come forward and
work with us to resolve their tax debts. The department has made several attempts to collect taxes due from these taxpayers.
All taxpayers listed are notified of our plan to include them on the list if they do not pay their outstanding tax balance.

The information shown is a partial list of Department of Revenue delinquencies. The Department of Revenue is reviewing cases and
adding new delinquencies daily and removing those that have been satisfied.

Questions or comments about the Warrants on the Web program should be directed to .

Tax Warrant List

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get off the list?
    To have your name removed from the list, you must pay the updated amount of the warrant in certified funds. To remove your name at a later date and
    to suspend the collection process, you may make payment arrangements. Contact Civil Tax Enforcement at 785-296-6124 for the current pay-off amount.

  • What are my payment options?
    KDOR accepts payment by personal or certified check, money order, credit card or cash. To make payment arrangements or
    for additional payment options, contact Civil Tax Enforcement at 785-296-6124.

  • Where can I view and purchase items seized by KDOR?
    To view and bid on items seized for nonpayment of taxes, visit the links below. Legal Case Management has contracted with these auction companies to provide statewide service.