Kansas Department of Revenue

Website help and additional information

General help

How do I cancel, release a lien?
On the main menu, you can either click:

Reports: Reports gives you a snap shot of the information you entered into Elien. Refer to question 3 on how to use Reports.

Inquiry on a Security Interest: Gives you a snap shot of your lien on our new Motor Vehicle System (MVS)

  1. You will be taken to the Inquiry screen. Next enter the VIN you would like to release or cancel. After pressing search, the record(s) will be displayed. You can only cancel from the "Inquiry on a Security Interest" if you are a lender of lender dealer. Dealers must use the "Reports" menu to cancel a lien they have put on.
  2. Next select your record by Clicking "View".
  3. Cancel, Release or Edit Owner buttons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Select a button that is labled with the type of transaction to be completed. The system will provide detailed instructions on completing transactions. Follow instructions to complete the type of transaction desired.

Reports Menu

  1. Click "Reports" on the Main Menu screen.
  2. Next,either enter a Vin number and/ or click on the arrow to display a list of Report Selections. Scroll down and select your Report.
  3. If prompted, enter Beginning and Ending Dates in the following format mm/dd/yyyy (03/09/2007). Next, click on the button "Search".
  4. A list of records will be displayed.
  5. If you would like to view a record click "View".
  6. If you wish to cancel or release a lien click on the check box, then click on the Release of Cancel link below the lien.

Why do I get errors when entering Dates into the Report Menu Screen?
You can only enter data in the following format mm/dd/yyyy (03/01/2007). You must have zeros before single digits. (01-09)

Why do some of the features not work?
If you have Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher installed with the latest Service Pack and you are still experiencing problems, call 785-296-3621 for assistance.

Where can I call to get other answers?
Department of Revenue Titles and Registrations at 785-296-3621.

How much are the Notice of Security Interest (NSI) fees?
NSI fees are $2.50 each.The fees are deducted from your account on the next business day using an eft application.

I mistyped my password and I am locked out. What should I do?
Call the Elien unit at 785-296-3621. Have login and account information available for verification.

Why can't I put on more than one lien with the same vin and owner name?
New state laws have deemed that only vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds can acquire a second lien on their vehicles. This includes SRS liens. Please call the Department of Revenue Titles and Registration unit at 785-296-3621 or send in your NSI if your vehicle exceeds 26,000 pounds and you would like to add a second lien.

Certificate questions

Why does my certificate crash every so often?
Your certificate is a sophisticated piece of software designed to verify that you have access to a specific site.

The certificate is stored on your computer and is connected with your computer's personal profile. Therefore, if you or your technical staff makes any changes to your computer's personal profile (password changes, upgrades, new computer, etc.), then your certificate will fail.

It is not the responsiblity of KDOR to maintain your Certificate. This is a user problem and must be resolved by the user.

For further information call the Department at 785-296-3621.

My certificate has expired. What should I do?

It is best not to let your certificate expire. Please call the Department at 785-296-3621. A new PKI will be mailed to you to complete and fax back. You will then be issued a new certificate.

I recently renewed, so why I am getting an error that says I am expired?
Your computer stores all previous and current certificates (unless an old certificate has been removed). Please call the Department at 785-296-3621 for instructions on how to remove an old certificate.

Buttons and functions

What is the "view" feature?
The "view" feature displays all the specific NSI information for the NSI you are wanting to view.

What is a drop down box?
A drop down box displays a list of information to be used in a selection choice. Clicking on the arrow displays the list. To make a selection, highlight your choice by using your mouse, cursor or keyboard arrow keys, then click the button provided.

What is a link?
A link is a highlighted (usually in blue, red or purple text and underlined) word that links to another web page.