Registration Renewal

Renewing your registration involves four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your alpha numeric PIN and vehicle year
  • Step 2: Verify vehicle information
  • Step 3: Select and Enter payment information
  • Step 4: Receive authorization/confirmation
  • Step 5: Choose to receive your vehicle registration by email

Notice: When you complete this transaction, your receipt, decal and/or license plate will be mailed within ten days from your local county treasurer's motor vehicle office. Motor vehicles cannot be legally operated without a current decal and/or plate.

Access to motor vehicle records is restricted pursuant to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994, as amended. The Driver's Privacy Protection Act authorizes you, as the owner of this vehicle, access to this information. Consequently, by entering the PIN you are declaring you are the owner listed for this vehicle.

Only vehicles that are eligible for online renewal are assigned a PIN. Please DO NOT contact your treasurer's office to obtain a PIN.

Step 1: Enter your alpha numeric PIN and vehicle year


PIN will be a combination of 7 letters and numbers


Year will be 4 digits

Check this box if you want to receive next year's registration renewal notice by e-mail for all vehicles in this transaction.