Kansas Department of Revenue

eDealer Services Message

The Kansas Division of Vehicles has partnered with the Kansas Vehicle Title Service Company to implement a new batch lien process through eDealer Services. This message is to notify you of our partnership with eDealer Services and upcoming options. Their services will begin with batch lien releases in the near future. Current KS E-lien availability will remain in place, however we encourage you to look at what eDealer Services has to offer and how it might benefit your business.

Participating in batch electronic lien processes through eDealer Services are handled through a Service Provider. eDealer Services is in the process of signing up Service Providers for Kansas and will post participating providers on their websiteOpens in new window as they become available. If you are currently working with a Service Provider, and do not see them listed as participating in Kansas, please let them know they can contact eDealer Services at support@edealersvcs.com.

NOTICE TO NSI FILERS: Errors in filing a Notice of Security Interest will require the lender to refile the lien and pay another filing fee ($2.50). Please verify the information entered on E-lien is accurate before finalizing. If you are filing a NSI because of an error in a previous filing, lender/dealer is responsible to cancel the previously filed lien.

Note : Passwords are case sensitive.