KDOR DMV Modernization Project

KanLicense Project

Creating a better customer experience with a faster, sleeker, web based driver licensing software solution.

MorphoTrust Upgrade - Coming late spring / early summer 2017!

A MorphoTrust software and equipment upgrade featuring new scanning equipment, a widescreen monitor and a new, improved signature pad is coming your way!

Topeka will be the first roll out site allowing for thorough testing of the new software and equipment.  The rollout plan as well as photos of the new equipment is coming soon!

Stay tuned for more detailed information!

Update from the Director

I am excited to report that we are just a little over a year away from implementing our new KanLicense system. We are converting from our legacy mainframe system (KDLS) to a modern web-based software framework. New technology will allow for system automation, fraud prevention and better access to reports.

KanLicense will modernize our driver's license and identification system responsible for issuing and tracking driver's licenses and identification cards for the entire state. It also tracks driving records including any restrictions, suspensions or revocations. It is one of KDOR's most critical systems relied on by our Law Enforcement community.

You will soon see sneak peek videos of the system along with progress updates and training information. This is a much needed change that will be well worth the wait.

2017 Plan Overview

  • The Kansas Department of Revenue is pursuing a software modernization project for driver licensing stations
  • In 2017 the public will begin to see the results of those upgrades
  • During the summer months, the driver licensing offices will be upgraded with new equipment
  • Newly redesigned license and identification cards will be released, meeting all standards for access to air travel and federal facilities
  • At the conclusion of the project, the KanLicense software will be released, replacing the mainframe system that is still in use today

In addition to what can be seen in the motor vehicle offices, important changes will be taking place behind the scenes to ensure continuity of services and data security in case of natural or man-made disaster. New secure facilities will be brought on line in the fall to provide failover protection for critical systems, guaranteeing access to necessary government services.

New cellular data capable mobile workstations will be deployed in response to periods of peak demand, in order to ease wait times, and will be available when necessary to respond to specific emergency situations.

The timeline in the document below shows the duration and effort involved in the customer facing portions of this major technological overhaul.